I have been seeking creative ways to connect to my emotions and probably avoided writing because putting those words to paper seemed terrifyingly revealing and permanent. But, something about Belinda’s overview nudged me that it was safe to take the chance. My instinct was right on! Belinda created a nurturing and supportive programme that was both gentle and stimulating. The writing exercises were the right mix of free form and driven by prompts. And, they allowed the members of the group to get comfortable with each other, learn from each other, and most importantly,  recognise that we all have stuff to work through. The workshop was the ideal spring-board to start writing from an authentic place on a regular basis.

Angela T, Belfast

My time at Write to Awaken was an eye-opener.  It had such a different approach to writing, challenging me to search and take time to understand feelings and take notice of self. For me this was so rewarding and something I will draw upon in my regular writing. A little bit of soul-searching mixed with a heart-warming environment to write freely without judgement. Just what I needed. Thank you

Lynne, Belfast

Belinda’s course was a joy from the start to the finish, even though her visualization exercises prompted some honest writing by me and some of the other participants who felt comfortable enough to share their thoughts. The whole atmosphere was peaceful and calm and I felt that be the end I had made several small breakthroughs, as had some of the other participants. Joanne, Belfast

I recently attended a one day workshop with Belinda, and found it a very inspiring experience. Good structure to this one day course, and never a dull moment. Belinda is a very clear presenter and makes the best of the time you’re there. Content is varied, interesting and well thought through. There is plenty of time for processing and reflection. No pressure to share if you’d prefer not to. Great handouts.

Anne - Belfast

Belinda’s writing workshop was a joy and revelation to me. The atmosphere

was friendly. The process was graceful. The outcome was a eye-opener!

Using our own words and imagery in written exercises and discussion, each

of us was led to reassess the story about ourselves that we had believed

until then was true. For sure, I left happier and more focused than on arrival. Thank you Belinda!

Phyllis Rowan (elderly astronomer), Belfast

I attended Belinda’s Write to Awaken workshop in Maitri Studio. I have never been to a workshop of this type before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Belinda made everyone feel at ease and relaxed. The workshop was well organised and the writing exercises that we completed helped focus the mind and were thought provoking. For anyone like myself who hasn’t kept a journal or used writing as a means of self discovery I  feel this is a really good starting point.   I came away feeling that it had been very worthwhile.

Belinda’s write to awaken workshop was really inspired and inspiring for me. The way she weaves together very complex healing issues into simple exercises, drawing on the work of Carl Jung and others, makes the workshop super accessable and yet deeply insightful. I loved the emphasis on becoming conscious of limiting patterns that hold us back, and transforming our perceptions through the liberating power of creativity and intuition.

Her manner is full of compassion and wisdom. I felt really safe to explore anything that came up for me. She holds space well without judgement or being overbearing. The exercises were also a lovely way to connect with the other participants, as we shared a lot throughout (if we wanted). It was a much deeper way to connect than most conversations. My gratitude goes out to Belinda for all the years of dedication and heart she has clearly put into this work. Thank you for your professionalism and your open heartedness. This work works!!

Rachel Lindsay

MORE THAN A JOURNAL WORKSHOP FEEDBACK – held at The Crescent Art Centre, Belfast

An inspiring workshop with some excellent creative exercises to get you thinking about alternative approaches to journal writing. Peter

Loved the calmness and safety created which led me to get in touch with what was important to me

Belinda’s class was very easy going and full of inspirational ideas to “pep up” a long standing journalling habit, or to inspire others to take up this very therapeutic activity. C.M.


Belinda Bennetts



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