As the year draws to a close, I find myself preparing for 2018. I love creating a vision board, and covering it with pictures, words, and other bits and pieces that symbolise what I intend for the New Year.

As I was working on my board last weekend I kept thinking the words ‘Life by design.’

I felt really inspired by the words, and used them as a heading. I knew as I pasted them carefully to the top of the cork board that everything I put underneath it would be part of my ‘Life by Design.’

For me, life by design means creating and intending from the heart. Letting go of the shoulds, coulds, and out tos. Not thinking about what The Jones’s are doing, and intending a year filled with what is possible.

Do you write out intentions for the New Year? I prefer calling them intentions, as I personally think resolutions are too set in stone. The word Intentions feels lighter.

If you could design your ideal year, what would it look like? How would it feel?

Go on, try it! Let me know how it feels once it’s designed.

Something else I was thinking as I created my board was what if our ‘life plan’ was already created? What if all we needed to do was listen to the small still voice within and take action? So often we think life and situations get in the way of us creating what we really want, but is that the truth? More and more I’m beginning to see that the only thing that ever stands in our way is our thinking.

One of the pieces of paper on my board reads ‘think less.’ This year I intend to be more present. Not take my thinking so seriously, and take more action. The truth is we never ‘get there.’ Life is a journey, and we are meant to create our way through it and live ‘life by design.’

Would love to hear your thoughts! Also, if you would like help creating your vision board and working though any blocks that might hold you back in 2018, be sure to look up my January ‘NEW YEAR NEW YOU’ online program here NEW YEAR NEW YOU