“There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the doors of perception” Aldous Huxley

That quote came to me this morning after the fifth night in a row of tossing and turning – my mind caught up on an endless ferris wheel of thought. Most of us have had this experience – jumbled thoughts going round and round that do absolutely nothing except leave us feeling exhausted and confused. This morning I’d had enough and that’s was when the quote came to me and I began to see things differently.

The key to the doors of perception lies in our thinking

Everyone knows the quote “we are what we think” however more and more I am coming to realise we are not what we think at all. Underneath the thoughts is true perception. The key lies in realising this and dropping the thought.

Not always easy

At 3 am when the only company you have are the loud invasive thoughts in your head it is not easy to just drop them. However if we can see that all it is, is thought – we put ourselves in a position where we are free to choose to either change it, or drop it.

Behind the thought is true perception

Seeing it for what it is

I guess what I came to see was that the thoughts were just thoughts. They were not a true indication of my situation.

I read a description of thoughts the other day which I think describes them perfectly.

Flavoured teabags

You know how you have a cup of water and its clear? Then you add a teabag and the water takes on the colour and flavour of the bag you have chosen? Well, thoughts are like that. Sometimes they create a sweet comforting flavour, other times a bitter sharp taste. The beauty of it is, we can choose the flavour we add to the water.

So today I am going to choose something I like the look of, and before I go to bed tonight I will make sure it’s a strong dose of chamomile.

Thoughts don’t need to be taken seriously, they come and go in an instant. The only thing that keeps them hanging around is our attachment to them. So if you don’t like the flavour, tip it out and start again.